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SDA supplies worldwide customers with a wide range of natural tailor-made solutions, from specialty ingredients and singles to gluten-free flours and functional & culinary blends. As an integral part of Turpaz Group, SDA strives to harness nature, technology and innovation to provide customers from diverse industries with optimal solutions for today’s dynamic markets.

Harvesting Excellence

SDA was established in 1987 in Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, which is located in Israel’s northern agricultural countryside. As we established ourselves as farmers and suppliers of natural dehydrated ingredients, it quickly became apparent that we could apply our knowledge and professional acumen to create high-quality, tailor-made products, which are superior not only in their sensory parameters but also in their active ingredients and nutritional

Over the years, we optimized our agricultural practices – from field preparations and climate-controlled storage to harvesting methods, precision-based processing and superior quality assurance. Responding to increased sustainability regulations and innovative health trends, food industry players turned to us for consistent, fully traceable products that adhere to advanced sustainable standards.

Turning Dreams into Reality -

Turning Dreams into Reality - Together

Our success is fueled by our customer relationships. We strive to create collaborations that push our collective boundaries and inspire excellence. In order to translate our customers’ dreams and wishes into game-changing products, we often join hands with leading
universities, industry experts and innovative R&D operations.

Working primarily in the food industry, we are intimately familiar with product and market challenges. From planning to production, our entire process is geared towards going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. This has allowed us to translate our food industry expertise to other valuable arenas, including the premium feed additive, pet food additive, plantbased and botanical extract industries.

SDA at Your Service

Our global customers have come to depend on our unique capabilities, vast experience and innovative mindset. We greatly enjoy developing food products with specific flavors, textures, phytochemical and nutritional values, and other specifications that match our customers’ precise needs. Our creativity is complemented by our scale-up capabilities, which comply with mass production requirements. As experienced farmers and seasoned innovators, we take pride in providing tailored products that create significant market advantages. With the right ingredients, everything is possible.

Let's talk about ingredients for success.

Let's talk about ingredients for success.