Meet the blending experts.

SDA blends different ingredients to create wonderful products that are perfectly tailored to customer requirements – including allergen-free and alternative protein blends. Our blends include herbs, spices, dehydrated vegetables, additives and functional ingredients. Our precision-based recipes and processes generate products with unique flavors, aromas, appearances, textures and functionalities.

We supply our blends to food industry companies, as well as hotels, catering companies, pet food & feed manufacturers and other professional market players. Upon request, our blends can incorporate functional ingredients that can act as stabilizers, promote longer shelf life and prolong freshness. Let the blending begin!

The Blend-to-Perfection Process

Product Design

Defining precise customer needs and devising the appropriate blend recipes allows us to take on “impossible” missions and exceeding customer expectations.


Thoughtfully selecting raw materials from our fields and the world’s premier suppliers.


Based on the specific requirement of each raw material – including state-of-the-art temperature storage control.


Gathering of all ingredients, in perfect order, and in accordance with the customer’s work order.


Mixing via varying speeds and bulks, in accordance with the product’s desired specifications (from 20 Kg to 1 ton).


Packaging of 200 grams to 25 Kg per package. Use of a wide variety of packages, containers and laminations – including private labels upon request.

When the right ingredients meet our 'everything is possible' mindset, the result is yet another perfect blend.

We comply with the following global standards: