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SDA’s Egg Yolk Pigmentation:
it’s only natural!

When you want your love
for your birds to show!

Get Back to Nature!

As the demand for healthier layers and healthier eggs is constantly increasing, yolk color has become a differentiating parameter for egg brands, reflecting that desired quality.
Consumers value eggs that have a rich, golden yolk color, which is perceived as laid by hens in a natural environment, fed on natural and healthy diet, free from synthetic ingredients.

Discover the SDA Natural Feed Additives:

SDA Sweet Paprika
100% premium quality
sweet paprika

New! PapriBoost™
Emulsion water additive

SDA PapriGold™
A unique 100% natural blend
of sweet paprika and marigold

New! GoldiBoost™
Emulsion water additive

SDA MariGold™
100% premium quality

New! MariBoost™
Emulsion water additive

Let’s talk about your yolk color.

Reliable Products & Quality

Feed additives of a natural source require special attention, but when using SDA’s products you get:
– Unmatched quality, tested by the most advanced global labs
– The highest production standards
– Food safety – approved by all global certifiers
– Certified sustainability
– Reliability, repeatability and traceability
– Availability and freshness guaranteed all year long
– Available also in emulsion form for direct adding to watering system

Easy to Use

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- Easy to handle
- Easy to store
- Ready to use - no prior preparation needed
- Available in powder or emulsion form

Cost Effective

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Add a small quantity to get your desired results: Less than 1% of the diet creates a wonder!

Keeps Birds’ Performance

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Only Benefits, No Harm!
100% Natural

To give a stable richer & deeper gold color to your yolk

About SDA

SDA produces high-end Natural Dehydrated Ingredients for more than 3 decades for several leading industries.
Our natural additives are present in feed of millions of layers around the globe.
Each of our sites holds strict global Food Safety, Sustainability and Quality certificates.
SDA delivers right on time, wherever you are!

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