Transforming great plans
into even greater products.

Transforming great plans into even greater products.

As a leader in natural ingredient processing, SDA provides its customers with the specialty ingredients they need – even if they cannot be cultivated in our fields due to local climate and soil conditions.

If years of experience have taught us anything, it’s that we are capable of any process related to natural ingredients. And if there is something we’re proud of, it’s that every natural product we create comes with SDA’s signature advantages – quality, health, innovation, consistency.

Our Process-to Spec

Spec Definition

The first step is spec, which we either receive from our customers or define ourselves according to their specific needs. Whatever our customers want, we deliver.


After ordering and receiving the raw natural materials, we conduct the required processing stages – which include sourcing, sorting, sieving, grinding, steam-sterilizing, frying, SDA’s unique natural smoking procedure and food safety stations.


Our process always includes food-safety and laboratory testing, performed by globally authorized labs that are chosen and vetted by our customers.

Transparency & Traceability

Our process-to-spec procedures are standardized and fully transparent. We work with quality suppliers and comply with stringent global standards.

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We comply with the following global standards: