The vertical in-house supply
chain, at your service.

The vertical in-house supply chain, at your service.

SDA provides a controlled environment for its homegrown ingredients, supervising their complete lifecycle with 100% traceability and consistency.

As a valued SDA customer, we make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. From our fields to your destination – SDA delivers high-quality natural dehydrated ingredients to your doorstep, all year-round.

The Seed-to-Ship Process


Seed varieties are carefully selected based on their properties and active ingredients, and are planted in optimal environments, in accordance with customer needs.

Field Preparation

Fields located in diverse climate ecosystems and designated soil quality testing ensure optimal growing and sowing conditions.


We achieve the perfect balance between maximum crop yields and phytochemical contents, sustainable field and environmental conditions.


Our agronomists constantly supervise the growing process, implementing advanced irrigation systems, organic farming methods and strict pesticide control.


Our self-designed harvesting machinery adapts to specific crop requirements, ensuring minimum contact and turnaround.


A controlled dehydration process and high-end steam sterilization allow us to meet customer specifications. Our oven dehydration has been validated as a kill step.

Processing & Sieving

An advanced system enables diverse, fully controlled sifting and separation that meet customer specifications.


Relying on automated packing and shipping methods, our products are kept and delivered in climate-controlled conditions and product-specific packaging.

quality generates
maximum satisfaction.
Every time.

We comply with the following global standards: